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Soonk Packaging Machinery is dedicated to the production of high-performance packaging equipment. We offer products such as VFFS machines, HFFS machines, and premade pouch machines. Our catalog is full of bagging solutions for any flexible packaging application, including equipment that can package powders, liquids, granules, foods, coffee, hardware, and more.

Our flexible packaging machinery is extremely versatile and economical. They can produce different package types including pillow pouches, gusset pouches, flat pouches, stick packs, tetrahedron packs, and so on. These machines seal products using many different kinds of film structures including metalized or non-metalized films, film laminates, polyethylene, non-woven fabric, etc. A wide array of options are available to ensure your needs are met.

Our Product Range
    1. Vertical Form Fill Seal Machine with Auger Filler
    2. Auger Filler VFFS Machine The combined VFFS machine with auger filler is specially designed to pack powdery products, such as flour, soy powder, coffee powder, powder laundry detergent, etc.
    1. VFFS Machine with Linear Weigher
    2. Linear Weigher VFFS Machine These VFFS machines come equipped with linear weighers and are specially designed for the packaging of granular and powdery products like sugar, salt, seeds, grains, beans, etc.
    1. Vertical Form Fill Seal Machine with Multihead Weigher
    2. Multihead Weigher VFFS Machine Our VFFS machine and multihead weighers are combined to precisely measure and pack irregular or fragile items, including granules and bulk goods, such as puffed food, chips, candies, cookies, dry fruits, etc.
    1. VFFS Machine with Volumetric Cup Filler
    2. Volumetric Cup Filler VFFS Machine The combined VFFS machine and volumetric filler is designed for packaging a variety of granular products. The machinery is compatible with pillow bags, tetrahedron bags, 3-side seal bags, quad seal bags, and other formats.
    1. VFFS Machine with Piston Filler
    2. Piston Filler VFFS Machine The combined VFFS machine and piston filler is perfect for the automatic packaging of sticky and non-sticky liquid materials, including sauce, shampoo, shower gel, seasoning, fruit juice, oil, lotion and more.
    1. Bucket Chain Conveying VFFS Machine
    2. Bucket Chain Conveying VFFS Machine This series vertical packaging machines are equipped with bucket chain conveyor, which is ideal for conveying and packaging of a variety of irregular and fragile products, granules, and bulk goods.
    1. Check Weigher
    2. Check Weigher Soonk's check weigher is used for checking whether a product's weight conforms to the saved parameters. The separation system will automatically reject any products that are not within the specified parameters.
    1. Tunnel Metal Detector
    2. Tunnel Metal Detector Soonk's tunnel metal detectors are designed to detect iron, aluminum and stainless steel contaminants in food and toys, ensuring a better stability and sensitivity than other equipment.
    1. Nitrogen Generator
    2. Nitrogen Generator The nitrogen generators are used to keep a variety of products fresh, including vegetables, fruits, cookies, nuts, seeds, medicines, beer, beverages and more.
    1. Conveying System
    2. Conveying System The Z-type bucket conveyor is ideal for the elevation of fragile or non-fragile products, including chips, snacks, hardware components, medicine, and more.
    1. Inclined Belt Conveyor
    2. Inclined Belt Conveyor The inclined belt conveyor works with the electronic weigher, with the filling material level regulated using a control circuit. An automatic material feeding start and stop is also available.
    1. Electric Vacuum Conveyor
    2. Electric Vacuum Conveyor The electric vacuum conveyor features a simple structure that takes up very little space, emits low noise levels, and offers an easy operation.
    1. Inclined Bucket Elevator
    2. Inclined Bucket Elevator The inclined bucket elevator can be combined with an electronic weigher. The filling material level is regulated using the control circuit, and an automatic start and stop for material feeding is available.
    1. Rotary Pack Off Table
    2. Rotary Pack Off Table It is ideal for transferring packaged bags to the inspection device of another packaging platform.

Since its foundation in 2008, SOONK has been manufacturing packaging machinery and providing packaging solution to meet a wide range of market needs. Our wealth of experience in the packaging industry enables us to offer cost-effective flexible packaging & sealing machines and deliver our best service to our customers. Our dedication to superior packaging solutions allows us to become leading packaging equipment manufacturer in the field, helping customers to reach their production and marketing goals.